Purpose Driven

I’m proud to have reached a plateau of success as i continue to embark on this purpose filled journey but i experienced some very dark times in the past. I failed a lot throughout the years in all areas of my life but the light in me would eventually shine through. I had a spur of motivational energy to write an E book documenting these trying times in my life back in June of 2015. I can’t explain to this day as to how that inspiration suddenly came but i didn’t question it and followed the vibe. I feel it was God speaking to me. It’s the reason I’m hear today creating this site. I want to lead my life in this truth, in his glory and purpose. I aim to inspire the youth or anyone who can relate to similar circumstances and felt stuck at some point in their life. It’s a testament to finding myself through God. I solidified my faith and a pathway was cleared.

“Peaking in rare form, salute to the version after me. Reflections of my hard times, proof i emerged from tragedy.” – Lloyd Banks


A Life Of Transitions: Struggle, Faith, And Ambition