CurtxBone: My Introduction

I wanted to take my time with this fitness video and showcase how my passion ties into my purpose. The fitness industry is a popular trend these days. As a certified personal trainer we have a responsibility to hold integrity and build a business that helps people. That’s not always primarily a physical aspect; having an impact with our clientele is a intangible. Establishing a rapport is key when training clients and I am inspired to engage people with knowledge and motivation. Even on days where my energy is low my discipline will never be. That’s the basic message I try to get across to people when I engage in training them. Becoming anew isn’t easy; transformation takes patience.

How can we train our body to optimal shape before we train our mind? That’s a formula for failure. Any achievement that withstood a roadblock first needed a tune up with the mental belief that change is possible.

I want to bring my light to the world and uplift through my works of faith. God has me on this earth to do great honors in his glory. I had to accept my mission and leave my comfort zone to do so. I share my gift as best I can. I speak most when there’s an opportunity to inform with some takes of wisdom I gained. Everyday is a learning experience and every step I’ve taken has left a mark that is slowly setting the stage for countless years of hardwork I put in. I want to provide my journey to those who support the movement and trail-blaze into this fitness industry in my own way.

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