Life of an Introvert

“Quiet people have the loudest minds.” – Stephen Hawking

“You see things. You keep quiet about them and you understand.” – The perks of being a Wallflower

“I am a minimalist. I like saying the most with the least.” – Bob Newhart


My introverted ways have defined me my entire life. I’ve always been the quiet and observant type since i was a kid. The toughest part of growing up was the lack of understanding from your peers. “Why don’t you talk more?” Man, if had a nickel for every time i..well, you get the gist. As i came into my own it bothered me less. I like to live a private life and stay off the radar. Aside from your family, only those you let close to you understand the depths of your mind and heart. It gets tiresome explaining yourself to those who are committed to misunderstanding you. This is why I’m glad i have a passion for writing; to share these words that wouldn’t otherwise see the light of day. It’s relieving to uncage this creativity. So, without further ado, this here is an open scribe and “a penny for your thoughts.”

I’ve been in the wildest predicaments due to my introverted nature and it’s funny to replay my behaviors in my head.

Starting with me being in awkward parties or social settings trying to plan my escape. Large crowds have just never been my scene. It’s too much going on. I thrive in secluded environments; so parties don’t bring much out of me. I’d rather stay home or go out sight seeing with a special someone or hang with close friends who understand this.IMG_1032

Another situation, out of nowhere, is growing exhausted of talking. The feeling is just mind-blowing lol; and it’s nothing personal to anyone I’m talking to. It’s weird, like being wired to have a set time of speaking before your internal social battery dies out. Contrary to this, I’ve had times where i can go on into deep conversations for hours. I guess it’s all in how you can spark my mind to get there. I appreciate those who do.



One of the biggest issues I’d come across is when a person expects everyone they meet to respond a certain way. When i speak i like to speak something meaningful. I’m thoughtful in giving explanations so i reserve my energy for when i feel my voice needs to be heard. It takes more to open up a person who’s reserved. That wall that’s built up is for protection. Take time to recognize that and you’ll be amazed at what a person will reveal to you. But you have to have genuine intentions to get through. I can see right through in-genuine deeds and behaviors. Goodhearted people aren’t naive; don’t take them for granted.

I have a thirst for seeking knowledge. I cherish wisdom. I’m a music lover. I’m ambitious and driven to better myself. I’m selfless in giving to other’s without expecting anything in return. I love football. I love storytelling. I’m a visionary. A writer. I’m a man of God. My faith is the foundation of my life. I enjoy the little things. I just live all of this out from a different perspective.

This is to those introverted individuals who feel the same way and for the extroverted individuals who try to understand what a puzzle we are.

I do not take it personal these days when someone identifies my introverted ways. All i ask for is understanding; which is the ultimate sign of respect in my eyes. This is how i function daily. This is who i am and i love it! This is my mystique. It’s my thought-provoking words, creative nature, and quiet confidence in being all that i represent.

It’s enough having people in my circle who love me unconditionally and appreciate what i bring into their lives. I thank God and cherish them. So what’s the key to the life of an introvert? Simple; change nothing. Stay true to who you are. Introverts are made to fit where we’re meant to be. That’s the root of joy and paradise in my life.



“Never vocalized my visions, actions was my spokesperson.” – Nipsey Hussle




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