Take a Deep Breath.

“The spirit of God has made me; the breath of the almighty gives me life.” – Job 33:4


I choose to believe we can control how our narrative is written. God made it so. How so? By making us see how much of a privilege it is to breathe air into our lungs each day. Are we just content with existing that we forget how simply intricate we are made to gather and collect our breath? Especially in times of distress.  It’s very underrated to see how keen second nature is. It’s subliminal until it’s required; unless we are awakened to it.

There were instances in my life where i felt like my mind wouldn’t stop piecing together uncertain scenarios and events. I was only digging myself deeper into this way of life feeding into it. There’s no ground to stay centered on when thoughts pour in of the ground collapsing underneath your feet. But why bother entertaining those thoughts  without contemplating to take a deep breath? Why do our minds go to the most negative occurrences first before thinking about the positive? We had our minds reprogrammed by our livelihoods; there’s never time to return to our natural state amongst this clutter. But we have to make time.


When things take a left, go right to the source. In a world full of daily disarray and chaos, we have to renew our inner world.  We must never step outside of ourselves. Above all else, JUST BREATHE. What’s often not visible, we can’t live without. It’s the most precious gift that connects our eventful lives. Give glory to highest for this privilege. Our capabilities aren’t absent; we just underestimate the importance of practicing them. Things will only get better when we work at it; or we will regress failing to rectify and mend our own narrative. Take a deep breath, it was written for us to do so.


“By the grace of God, i am what i am.” – 1 Corinthians 15:10

“Plenty times i felt like it’s the end now, but i catch my second wind around the 10th round. Only God knows the way it went down, but if you see us up that’s cause’ we been down.” – Nipsey Hussle

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